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Bonitas Partners Pty Ltd is your on-call CFO service. We come to your workplace and give you the same level of expertise and service you would expect from an experienced CFO. Our difference is that we do it on your terms and based on the needs of your business. From a few days a month, to ongoing weekly support, our flexible and affordable arrangements mean you can use our skills to take your business to the next level.

Effective bookkeeping

Bookkeeping may seem like a time-consuming chore, but it is vitally important to the health of your business. Accurate, up to date information is the most valuable tool you have for making the right business decisions at the right time. We will make sure your bookkeeping foundations are strong and keep your numbers accurate and up to date. This information feeds into all your financial systems and reports. It simply must be accurate because any decisions made on inaccurate data undermines your goals and chances of success.


Tax compliance support

Meeting your tax obligations and other compliance activities are critical to the success of your business. Don’t wait for your once a year meeting with your tax agent. Working as your tax agent or in conjunction with your current tax agent we help you to meet your GST, PAYG withholding, superannuation, quarterly PAYG instalment and fringe benefits tax obligations throughout the year. Effective financial management means peace of mind and frees you up to focus on your business and personal goals.


Monthly financial reports and action plans

Meeting with your accountant once a year is a great opportunity to take stock. However, to get the most out of your numbers, it is important to review them, understand them, and use them regularly. We can create an easy to use, customised one-page snapshot of your business. Featuring a KPI scorecard and action plan, this powerful management report can help you:

  • Graph KPIs by staff, management and other key stakeholders
  • Compare actual performance to budgets or past performance
  • Analyse business performance by KPIs, including non-financial KPIs
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Develop monthly goals and targets

Working capital and cash flow management

Working capital and cash flow are the lifeblood of any business. It is also an area that many businesses struggle with. Successful cash funding requires careful planning, consistent effort and skilful management. We will help you set up and refine your debt collection systems, set revenue targets, identify cost-saving opportunities and help you access investment capital. A holistic approach to cash flow management means taking the stress out of merely surviving and freeing up your time and energy to grow your business.


Accounts payable and receivable

Managing your income and expenses can be time-consuming and complicated. We can set up new systems or work within your existing framework to make sure your accounts receivables and payables are managed effectively. Your time can only stretch so far; are there other priorities your business needs you to focus on? Let us manage the day to day burden of cash flow so that you can focus on building your business or building a better lifestyle.


Employee payroll

Payroll management is another time consuming and complicated task. Understanding the awards and entitlements relevant to each employee can be confusing. Get it wrong, and you could face large penalties imposed by the Fair Work Commission, not to mention conflict and dissatisfaction from your employees. We can help relieve the time burden of payroll management on your business. We can also help you with remuneration packaging so that you can be confident you are meeting all your employee obligations.


Management and accounting reporting

Preparing financial reports and presenting at board meetings is another activity that can drain your time and energy. Your on-call CFO can produce regular management and accounting reports and present at board and key stakeholder meetings. Accurate, timely reporting and a strategic business perspective will provide clarity, insight and certainty for you and your partners.


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