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We believe every business can benefit from a CFO, regardless of its age, size, industry or objectives. A CFO’s skills give you a roadmap to achieve your business goals sooner and avoid costly and stressful mistakes. A CFO is much more than a bookkeeper. Although sound bookkeeping is the cornerstone of effective financial decision making, it is also the entry point for decision-making. Using accurate financial information to develop and drive the decision-making process means confidence and clarity about the choices you make. Because we have flexible and affordable working arrangements, your business can enjoy the advantages of an experienced CFO without the commitment and expense to employ a full-time staff member.


Improve profitability and cash flow

Effective cash flow management processes and sufficient working capital are the lifeblood for any business. A healthy cash balance is the number one problem facing many small businesses and NFPs. We take a holistic approach to optimising your cash flow performance, including financial delegations, accounts receivable and payable policies, effective debt management practices and revenue target setting.

We also help you understand and maximise the profitability of clients or products in your business with in-depth financial reports, and management support, advice and action plans.


Free up your time

Another important benefit of an on-call CFO is that it frees up your time. As a business owner, your time is valuable. You may feel stretched and find yourself continually putting out fires rather than thinking strategically and long term. We can relieve you of the time burden of bookkeeping and financial management and help you make the right strategic decisions to increase cash flow, improve your business performance and reduce risk.


Avoid bad advice

Running a business is complicated and demanding. There are so many short-term tasks and long-term projects to attend to. Finding the time and head space to address them all is challenging. An on-call CFO is someone who gets to understand your business from the inside out. We can offer ongoing support and advice based on the realities of your business right now your future goals and key priorities. We can provide a sense of control and certainty about how to address specific problems and know which opportunities to prioritise and pursue.


Resolve employee productivity issues

Understanding the performance and productivity KPIs of your employees can be a powerful tool for resource planning and management. We can provide dashboard-style reports to help you manage staff productivity performance and targets. Having access to clear, useable data at your fingertips removes uncertainty and gives you confidence in your decisions.


Achieve a better work/life balance

As a business owner, finding and maintaining a healthy work/life balance can be difficult. Yet it is critical both for your health and wellbeing, and the prosperity of your business. Adequate rest and relaxation recharges the batteries and gives you fresh perspective and inspiration.

We can help you achieve a better work/life balance by reducing the financial management burden on you. Critical tasks like cash flow management and payroll are time-consuming and prevent you from focusing on what you set out to achieve – being your own boss and following your passion. We can support you as you focus on important areas like operational efficiency and business development, while also providing insight and clarity about the financial health of your business.


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